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Bag of 0,40g BBs - 1000 BBs / White - Swiss Arms

Bag of 1000 0,40g BBs, by Swiss Arms. Non-biodegradable BBs not suitable for outdoor games.


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Looking for high-quality BBs for your airsoft gun? Look no further than Swiss Arms' Bag of 0.40g BBs! These BBs are precision-engineered to provide maximum accuracy and consistency, ensuring that every shot hits its mark. With a weight of 0.40g, these BBs are heavier than most, making them ideal for use in high-powered airsoft guns. And with a bag of 1,000 BBs, you'll have plenty of ammo to keep you in the game for hours on end. But what really sets Swiss Arms' BBs apart is their pure white color. Unlike other BBs that are tinted or colored, these BBs are completely white, making them easy to see and track during gameplay. And because they're made by Swiss Arms, you can trust that they're made from the highest-quality materials and are designed to perform flawlessly every time. So if you want to take your airsoft game to the next level, pick up a bag of Swiss Arms' 0.40g BBs today!
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BBs weight (Gram) 0.4
Biodegradable No
Tracer No
Brand Swiss Arms
Color White
Licence Swiss Arms
Materials Plastic
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Swiss Arms

Swiss Arms is a sub-division of SIG created in 2000, which specialises in the manufacture of weapons and supplies the Swiss army. The Cybergun SA group uses this licence to distribute a wide range of airsoft products.

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