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Bag of 0,36g Professional Performance BIO BBs - 1000 BBs / White - Nimrod

White BIO BBs, weight 0.36g, in a bag of 1000 BBs, by Nimrod. Quality BBs that respect Nature.


Introducing the ultimate ammunition for airsoft enthusiasts - the Nimrod Bag of 0.36g Professional Performance BIO BBs! These high-quality BBs are designed to provide superior accuracy and performance, making them the perfect choice for serious airsoft players. Crafted from premium materials, these BIO BBs are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, ensuring that you can enjoy your airsoft games without harming the environment. The 0.36g weight of each BB ensures that they are stable in flight, providing you with unparalleled accuracy and precision. Each bag contains 1 BBs, making it easy to keep track of your ammunition during intense airsoft battles. The white color of the BBs ensures that they are highly visible, making it easy to track your shots and adjust your aim as needed. So if you're looking for the ultimate airsoft ammunition, look no further than the Nimrod Bag of 0.36g Professional Performance BIO BBs. With their superior accuracy, environmentally friendly design, and high-quality construction, these BBs are the perfect choice for serious airsoft players.
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BBs weight (Gram) 0.36
Biodegradable Yes
Brand Nimrod
Color White
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Nimrod is an Autrian brand that produces consumables. The brand is known for its large variety of gases and BBs.

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