FPS and Joules Converter
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Our Joules to FPS converter is a valuable tool designed to give airsoft players a general idea of their airsoft gun's power output. However, it's crucial to understand that these conversions may not always reflect exact real-world results due to a phenomenon known as Joule Creep and various other factors.

Joule Creep occurs when the energy output (measured in Joules) of a BB increases with the use of a heavier BB, even if the velocity (measured in FPS) decreases. This is a result of the longer time a heavier BB spends in the barrel, allowing it to accumulate more energy from the expanding gas.

Also, keep in mind that factors such as BB weight, barrel length and diameter, hop-up setting, air seal, and even temperature can affect the performance of an airsoft gun. Therefore, these variations can lead to discrepancies between the estimated values our tool provides and the actual power and speed of the BB.

While our tool provides an excellent starting point, the most accurate way to determine your airsoft gun's power output is through direct chronograph testing using the specific BB weight you intend to use in gameplay. This ensures you have the most reliable information about your equipment's performance.