Loyalty program

At Evike Europe, we are convinced that life is a win-win situation.

That's why we have developed a loyalty program for you, to thank you for your continued support.

Whether you are new to Evike Europe or have been around since the beginning, there's something for everyone.

How does the loyalty program work? 

With every order you place, you earn points.

One euro = one point

Your points allow you to get discounts on your future orders, you have the possibility to earn points easily when: 

  • You sponsor a friend (invitation + registration to Evike Europe)→ 20 points
  • You leave a review on a purchased product → 20 points
  • You create your customer account → 125 points
  • You subscribe to our newsletter→ 125 points
  • Your referral places his first order → 200 points

Your statut

Your loyalty points give you a status.

Each status is associated with a point value. The more points you have, the more important your status is and the higher the value of your points is.

Here are the details of the status:

  • Rookie: from 0€ to 499€ of purchases - 1 point is worth 0,04€.
  • 2nd class: from 500€ to 1 199€ of purchases - 1 point is worth 0,06€.
  • Commando: from 1 200€ to 2499€ of purchases - 1 is worth 0,08€.
  • Veteran: from €2,500 in purchases - 1 is worth 0.10€

Validity of points

Your points are valid for 1 year from the date they are earned.

After 1 year, if your points are not used, they will be lost.

Every month, your point total is sent to you and your status is updated.


  • On 01/01/2022, you spend 100€, so you earn 100 points. These 100 points are valid until 01/01/2023 included.
  • On 01/15/2022, you spend 50€, you earn 50 points. These 50 points are valid until 01/15/2023 included.
  • On 31/01/2022, your points balance is 150 points. Your status is status 1. If you want to use your points, you can deduct 6€ (150 x 0,04€) from your next order.