Worldwide inventory

Our warehouses

To offer you the widest range of products, Evike Europe has two warehouses:

  • The main one is based in Europe
  • The second one is based in the US
    Just relax, we’ll take care of everything! If you want products from our US warehouse, you won’t be charged of additional customs or shipping costs.

Prices remain the same as the ones on*

* NB: The prices on are without taxes. You must add VAT to these prices if you have any in your country. 

Your order

If your order contains items from both warehouses (meaning items from European warehouse AND US warehouse), your order will be sent in two times, in two separate shipments (without extra cost as said before): 

  • One parcel with products from our European warehouse
  • Second parcel with products from our US warehouse: delays of shipping are longer when products come from US but it depends also from your country of delivery


Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Most of our USA catalog is already available on The catalog expands daily to offer you the best and most complete Evike experience. However, if by any chance a product you would like is missing, please fill our product request form, our product team will do its best to add it to our catalog as soon as possible!