AEG Assault rifles

In this category you will find all our SMGs (SubMachine Guns) and our AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) airsoft assault rifles: replicas of long guns that operate with a rechargeable battery. They can be equipped with a semi-automatic, automatic, burst and full automatic firing mode, which makes them suitable for many uses. Whether indoors (CQB), outdoors, hot or cold, an AEG will accompany you in all situations and on all types of airsoft fields thanks to its versatility. These AEG airsoft replicas come in different materials (plastic, metal, polymer, nylon fiber, aluminum, wood, nylon ...) and with internal parts allowing different performances and adapted to the needs of players. You will find in the AEG rifle category a wide range of electric replicas (battery operated) letting you choose from: Colt M4 rifles, Kalashnikov AK-47, FAMAS, FN P90 machine guns, UZI, HK MP5, HK416, M249, Kriss Vector, MP7, MP40 and many other replicas of weapons ... Our wide range is intended for all, we find replica weapons for all budgets but also cheap guns. It's a frugal but essential choice, whether you're a beginner or an experienced airsofter. From the lightweight airsoft replica with a nylon fiber body to the one with a full metal body faithfully reproducing the original weapon. AEG airsoft replicas are products subject to strict regulations regarding power, which is why we offer in this catalog guns from 1 joule to 2 joules. The most famous brands are available on our website: Tokyo Marui, EMG, Cybergun, G&G Armament, Umarex, Cyma, and many others. In addition, you will find airsoft replicas under many licenses: CColt, Kalashnikov, Swiss Arms, Magpul, Salient Arms, CZ, FAMAS, FN Herstal, Thompson, Beretta, Heckler & Koch and many others... Most of our airsoft replicas are available in several colors (black, green, tan, multicam, gray, blue, gold...)

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