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Set of 100 Wads and Sealing Papers for CAM870 - APS

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Pack of 100 buffers and pellets for M870 cartridges per app.


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Introducing the perfect addition to your CAM870 - APS shotgun: a set of 100 wads and sealing papers! These high-quality accessories are designed to enhance the performance of your shotgun, ensuring that each shot is powerful and accurate. The wads are made from durable materials that can withstand the force of the shotgun's blast, while the sealing papers create a tight seal between the wad and the shot. This combination helps to reduce recoil and improve accuracy, making it easier to hit your target with each shot. The set includes 100 wads and sealing papers, so you'll have plenty of supplies to keep your shotgun in top condition. And with their sleek black design, these accessories look great when paired with your CAM870 - APS shotgun. So if you're looking to take your shotgun game to the next level, be sure to add this set of 100 wads and sealing papers to your arsenal. With their superior performance and stylish design, they're the perfect choice for any serious shooter.
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Brand APS
Color Black
Materials Paper
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APS Limited is a Hong Kong based airsoft manufacturer with experience in training material for the military and sport shooters.

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