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Bottle of 0,28g Tracer BBs - 2700 BBs / Green - G&G

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Bottle of 2700 0,28g Tracer BBs, by G&G. Non-biodegradable BBs not suitable for outdoor games.


Introducing the G&G Bottle of 0.28g Tracer BBs - the perfect addition to your airsoft arsenal! With 2700 BBs in each bottle, you'll have plenty of ammo to take on your opponents. These BBs are specially designed with a tracer element, allowing you to track your shots and improve your accuracy. The vibrant green color of the BBs adds a fun and unique touch to your airsoft experience. Made by G&G, a trusted brand in the airsoft community, these BBs are of the highest quality and are sure to enhance your gameplay. The 0.28g weight ensures that your shots will have the power and accuracy you need to take down your opponents. The convenient bottle packaging makes it easy to transport and store your BBs, so you can focus on your game without worrying about running out of ammo. Whether you're a seasoned airsoft player or just starting out, the G&G Bottle of 0.28g Tracer BBs is a must-have for any airsoft enthusiast. So why wait? Add this product to your cart today and take your airsoft game to the next level!
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BBs weight (Gram) 0.28
Biodegradable No
Brand G&G
Color Green
Materials Plastic
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G & G

The Taiwan-based G&G has been producing efficient airsoft guns of great quality since 1986.

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