All about airsoft delayers

Airsoft delayers are small components installed on the sector gear of an airsoft gun's gearbox. They are designed to improve feeding consistency and prevent misfeeds or jams by delaying the release of the tappet plate, giving the magazine more time to feed BBs into the hop-up chamber.

Sector gear delayers, also known as delay chips, are the most common type of delayer. These small chips are installed on the sector gear, typically on the cam that interacts with the tappet plate.

Airsoft feeding delayers can improve the performance of high-speed builds, where the rate of fire is increased. In these cases, the delayer ensures that the magazine has enough time to feed BBs consistently.

Gearbox delayers can be an essential upgrade for airsoft guns experiencing feeding issues, particularly in high-speed or high-torque builds where the gun's cycling speed might outpace the magazine's ability to feed BBs.

Installing an airsoft delayer requires some technical knowledge, as it involves opening the gearbox and working with the internal components. Proper installation is crucial to ensure that the delayer functions correctly and does not interfere with other parts of the gearbox.

Upgrading to an airsoft delayer can improve the reliability and performance of an airsoft gun, particularly in builds where feeding issues are common due to high cycling speeds or heavy springs.

Airsoft delayer performance can vary depending on the specific delayer and the gun it is installed in. Proper installation and compatibility with other internal components are critical factors in achieving optimal performance.

Compatibility is essential when selecting an airsoft delayer, as not all delayers may work with every type of gearbox or sector gear. It is crucial to choose a delayer compatible with the specific gun and gearbox setup.

Troubleshooting airsoft delayers may involve inspecting the delayer for damage or improper installation, ensuring it is compatible with the gun's internal components, and making adjustments to improve feeding consistency and overall performance.